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Is social Media All About Facebook?

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Let’s face it. Facebook is a powerful platform and there is more to it than most business owners are aware of. There are a more than a billion people on the platform and more thousands of people are signing up everyday. facebook is credited for the role it placed for the first black present to be elected to the white house. it run a successful campaign using the platform to reach millions of young registered voters with less budget that what it would have cost using the traditional channels.

Not long ago also, this same platform was very using to activist during the Arab spring that saw most of the dictators in the region toppled. The rein of these same leaders a few years ago was unthinkable to imagine that they could loose power by popular revolt. So indeed social media is powerful.

5 Favourite Social Media site for Ghanaian Business Owners to benefit from.

these social media platform can benefit Ghanaian business owner when deploring them as marketing tools to engage their clients or customers.





if you are on a low budget, this could be a big way to outwit the big boys to reach out to potential clients. Another way to use these web 2.0 properties is to use them to ranking high in the google free search to your organization’s advantage. this is advance for most business owners here, but support from a skilled SEO consultant this should achievable.

Take a for example, you upload a good explainer video on youtube that advertises to you client about your new promotion and you optimize it very to appear in the google free search. this would represent two important benefits to your organization in the sense that it will your video is on google free search and on the second largest search engine in the world

So is social media all about facebook?

When i pose this question to the business owners, the answer i get is no. But there is a good reason such as the one’s in my introduction why facebook is the dominate platform of choice for many business owners in Ghana. It is easy to upload pictures and stay connected to friends and clients.

The benefits that can be derived from the use of these web 2.0 sites are great and it about their many of the marketing managers in the various organization in the country use it often to their benefit.


Social Media And The Business Manager

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Social media has become part of our livelihood. Not even a day goes by without us picking our phones to check what is trending in cyber space or what our friends are up to.

That is, when it comes to consuming content created by others – but truth be told we are also contributors to this whole social phenomenon.

It is exciting to know within seconds of an event happening thousands of miles away, we get the information on our handheld device.

Some even say it is not only exciting but very addictive. However you look at it is has changed the way business is done.

In all the advantages that social media has to offer, we ask the question, how does it benefit the business person?
Does the business person just indulge in the use of social media without seeing any benefit accruing to his organization’s bottom line?

No there are ways to benefit from the social media management.

To take advantage of social media there are certain questions the manager should answer before setting out to manage a social media accounts:

Overall Goal

What is the overall goal of the setting up an account for his organization? The assumption is that he will use it to stay connected to his current customers as well as us it to win over some potential customers. If this is the case then there is clarity and the manager knows who his/her target audience are.

The Audience

The demographic of your audience. It is very important to understand your audience so that you can tailor your connect to benefit them. It they are teens you have to provide teen stuff for them. Equally if the target audience is business people then the content must suit their interest.

The Feedback

Get feedback. Communication here should be a two way affair. Ensure that your customers are talking back to you. This is the only way to can serve them better. They will tell you exactly what they need when you engage them is a polite and constructive manner.

The Sale

Ask for the sale. When you have a product to sell. Make it easy for them to buy. Sometimes the business manager has to be bold to ask for the sale. If you have been talking about the uses of one of your products to your customer, there is nothing stopping you from asking them to buy it.

This must be done is a subtle and professional manner without being too aggressive. Aggressiveness can only repel the customer.

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